Midtown Vending was founded in 1992. We were created in order to fill a revenue generating void in the retail petroleum industry created by the loss of revenue from the coin operated games of the 1980’s. The opportunity developed as a result of a combination of skill based video redemption games and the demand of customers seeking amusement that provided the thrill of winning. This niche allows retailers to provide video games that incorporate skill as a marketing tool to redeem merchandise in their stores.

Over the years the company has evolved into a full line coin operated amusement company with locations throughout the state of Georgia. The unique marketing style of the company has been often referred to as “old fashioned,” and to some extent that is true and a point of pride from the ownership. A core value of Midtown Vending has and will continue to be “genuine service through established relationships.” With no dedicated outside sales force the company has grown experienced significant growth through word of mouth referrals and an impeccable reputation of providing state of the art equipment, at competitive rates with unsurpassed service.

Services Provided

Midtown Vending offers a full range of coin operated services tailored to the specific needs of its customers. For example, an owner of a single convenience store has needs that vary greatly from the regional “chain” to the national accounts of larger companies. The company’s reputation was built and remains grounded in its ability to remain flexible to the needs of the individual account. The realization early on that no two accounts are the same has enabled Midtown Vending to remain an industry leader although the landscape of this fast moving industry is in a constant state of change. Contact us and see for yourself how a custom designed location from our experts can increase your profitability in multiple facets of your establishment.

Area Serviced

Midtown Vending is proud to serve the entire state of Georgia with the latest in coin operated technology. Email us today to arrange an appointment.